Monday, January 18, 2010

Blogging Hiatus...

EEKK! I know it's been a long time since I last blogged, but really I didn't think it had been this long... what can I say? where to start on my blogging absence?!?! to be honest at first I just told myself it would be a short summer blogging break of sorts... using the time I normally spent blogging enjoying the outdoors with my toddler and getting some long awaited projects out of the way... but if you've been following then you know well um, one month just led to another and then another.... shame shame on me!

Well I do have one fairly good excuse though... I haven't been entirely idle... I've been really busy BAKING! me being the oven! Baby number two is on the way! due any day now actually. Since this is after all a mommy blog please bare with me and allow me a short kvetch fest. Before conceiving my daughter, precious little L (can't really call her baby L anymore...she's grown so much! we celebrated her second birthday back in November...) I promised myself that I would be the perfect, fit, glowing, happy and glorious picture of pregnant bliss if there ever was such a thing, reading copies of fit pregnancy mag and the like and imagining how perfect it would all be! REALITY CHECK oh the disappointment!! turns out I make a miserable pregnant person! with lists of complaints longer than the "what to expect when you're expecting" books I halfheartedly flip through. Morning sickness is a bad joke! if only! I seem to be one of those "special" people who suffer from all day, all nine months long sickness! head hung over the toilet bowl really is no way to spend almost a year out of your life! to further excite things throw in a pelvic disorder decreasing mobility to a stand still, spells of dizziness resulting in blackouts, acid reflux, gestational diabetes, high blood pressure, and eventually a diagnosis of Preeclampsia resulting in an induction at 38 weeks! hardly the picture of pregnant bliss! I know I KNOW! many women have it much worse, enduring horrible procedures just to conceive a child and really what's important is the happy end! I'm very grateful to have a beautiful little girl whom is my pride and joy and object of my complete adoration! but heck it's would be nice if it were just a tad more pleasant!

Now after all that one would assume that I'd learned my lesson and had lost my "innocence", well nope not me... must also suffer from some sort of pregnancy induced naivete as I totally bought into the "each pregnancy is different" lore that floods prenatal books, blogs and forums... truly believing that THIS time would be different. YEAH RIGHT! at least the end is near.. at least I hope so! entering my 40th week the whole notion of waiting is totally foreign to me and I must admit quite frustrating, my nesting instinct kicked in a few weeks ago and I've torn through our house from top to bottom, cleaning, organizing, purging, DIYing, decorating, laundering, painting, gardening you name it! I've gotten more exercise this month then in the previous 8 months combined! but our little "babes" (that's little buns nickname...) has yet to arrive! now trying to maintain everything I've accomplished with a toddler and a husband loose in the house is no easy task and I've taken to avoiding phone calls, if I get one more "is anything happening? nu nu?" call I'll scream! there isn't anyone in the world who wishes I'd deliver already more than me!! with many a false call I may now be runing for longsest stalled labour ever! and I'm getting tired, and bored... and tired of being tired and bored and not sleeping is taking it's toll, and I want to sleep on my right side never mind my stomach and it would be nice not to have to contort like a pretzel to manicure my feet! mind you my obsession with having my feet in tip top shape is totally lost on dear hubby who shrugs it off with a "who's going to be looking at your FEET anyway...." arghh!! he just doesn't get it! my bags are packed, nursery and nest are feathered and ready now all we need is for the good old stork to drop on by! Hello babes, this is your mother speaking, can you hear me? is this thing on? time to come out!
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