Wednesday, April 14, 2010

My little piece of Liberty London

I'm sure you've already heard as it's already been around the blogosphere at least a hundred times, Liberty of London for Target hit stores on March 14th. After first catching wind of it's imminent arrival I'm one of those crazies who promptly marked the event on my calendar and watched and rewatched their sneak peek vid and generally got caught up in the hype. Needless to say I wanted one of everything! Unfortunately though Target does not ship internationally... sob sob (get with the program "Tarjay" we want to shop too!).

I really wanted the tiered serving tray and some throw pillows, but while I debated and desperately tried to secure a stateside shipping address, to no avail! just about everything I wanted was out of stock... Target should have anticipated the sell outs.... oh well. from what I read though the tray has received low ratings and has broken for many people...which really sucks. Also on closer inspection of the pillows via their site I wasn't convinced that the quality of the fabric was that great... Then I thought about getting the girls matching sundresses but alas those sold out too. But heck I still wanted something... anything! So I promptly turned to Ebay and was quickly disappointed not by the selection but by the jacked up pricing with some items going for as much as four times! their original price. Note to said sellers... not cool, really not cool!

After much deliberation I came to the conclusion that it was much hype about nothing and that I'd fallen badly for all the advertising. In all honesty I didn't need a tiered tray or any more throw pillows and their canisters while lovely do not fit in with our current Kitchen decor. I did however *need* gardening gloves and thought how nice it'd be to get some girly ones to kick start some spring weeding and planting work!

I won these on Ebay for just $2.21! totally justifiable and cheaper than most run of the mill, i.e dreary! gardening gloves. Though the Dunclare pattern certainly wasn't my fave I've still got a little piece of liberty in something I'm already putting to good use. The quality is nothing to write home about though and makes me happy I didn't attempt to break the bank getting my hands on some of the other available products. Though I still think the Bike is awesome... and the storage bins are pretty cool too... How about you? have you gone wonkers for Liberty or have you let it pass?
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