Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Girl Tools

I'm a little bit of a girly girl at heart, not the frou frou type just a little love of some good pampering and SHOES don't get me started on shoes! but nonetheless growing up I climbed trees, went fishing and camping and hung out with the boys. My dad had a construction company so I'm proud to say I also know how to use power tools and enjoy the occasional DIY at home. One of the classes I enjoy most in my course covers electricity, audio/video, lighting and air cooling systems, not exactly fluffing pillows! I hope to raise my little girl in a way that will evoke balance, (I'm not crazy about Barbie dolls but heck I grew up with them, played with them longer than I'd like to admit, and I came out pretty o.k.) so I plan on doing my best to introduce her to as wide a scope of activities as I can. There probably aren't many men who grew up without a toy tool set as boys except of course maybe my dear hubby... but I haven't seen any tools geared towards little girls besides those horrid pastel plasticy fisher price sets.
I was so excited by these new "Girly" tools that I just had to have them! we're not talking girly tools that you hide deep at the bottom of your purse, I have a few years before I need to explain those, rather these awesome tools by Fiona of Fede.

Hand crafted out of a mix of new and vintage fabrics these tools are tres chic and every baby can use a little sophistication, even if she's just drooling on it! These are already ours, sorry...but you can order your own through her etsy shop and she'll happily do custom orders, and there's a great selection for the other little builders in your life too.

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