Friday, April 25, 2008

life happens....

It's been just about two months since my last post and I'm feeling rather guilty for not posting anything recently. I had an exceptionally long semester break from school and I'm having a hard time getting back into the rhythm of things, it seems the weekdays just fly by, and before I know it, it's Thursday. I find it hard to sit indoors and concentrate, when the sun is shining and the birds are chirping, and everything is so green! besides for that I've had both of my grandfathers in the hospital, one thank g-d is out of harms way but unfortunately had to cancel his trip here to meet my daughter his first great-grandchild for the first time! the other we are still praying for daily.... As for my etsy shop many things have been put on hold as more important things have taken their place, I have a pile of binky clips I've been working on and I'm quite pleased with their progress, if only I could just find the time to finish them up. I came across a great etsy store called While she naps and couldn't help but chuckle, my problem is if she does nap it's usually pretty short and there are so many pressing things to tend to first! Like starting to feel like me again, I'll be the first to tell you that I take spit up, dirty diapers and sleepless nights in stride and I'm truly enjoying motherhood it's just that the other day my old self called this "mommy" and requested her groove back! some days it's hard to find that "other" person when I dare to peak in the mirror. I vowed long ago never to be one of those moms wearing a tracksuit and a ponytail, that I would always make ME time, and how a good mother is one that takes care of herself as well, that's all nice in theory a little harder to implement in reality though... baby steps.... I put on real clothes every morning, and a little perfume brings a smile to my face, don't get me wrong I adore the smell of my little ones rice cereal....but honestly nothing compares to Chanel! I've always been one for a good pedicure, so on the topic of pampering I'd like to recommend another little etsy store called Morgan Street, all handmade bath and body products made by Sharon, I just got her foot scrub and salve, not only do her products work great the smells double as a little aromatherapy! ahh peppermint!

I have a couple posts on the backburner so stay tuned, I know it's a little early to be renewing my vows but I did start this blog as a little something that I could do that's just for me, so because life is always "happening" It's all the more important to step back and do those little things for your self... I think that's what living is all about.

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