Friday, March 14, 2008

Here come the Russians!!

Okay, well sort of...Matryoshka's AKA Russian nesting dolls seem to be all the rage right now and I have to say that even I have been taken by their eclectic charm and design appeal. These dolls sure aren't just for kids anymore, they're turning up just about everywhere and on everything! So as promised here's a roundup of my favorite etsy finds for the category:

These are Ravenhill's "Scandinavian Matryoshka's". I love the whimsical fabrics and their unique look, they can be found at her Etsy shop, here.

I'm totally loving Fambee's Matryoshka cellphone/mp3 "poppets" great for making a statement on the go. With a handy clip handle these can be strapped onto a diaper bag or stroller. They can be found at her Etsy shop.

All the way from Canada! This is just one of Modisteme's plush Matryoshka dolls in a great hugable size. Buy one at her etsy shop.

This adorable fabric from starlitnest's shop could be great framed or stretched over canvas, cut some out for a one of a kind embellished onesie! available in several cuts, buy some here.

These doll's are even showing up as ever popular wall decal's. Available in a wide range of colours, check out Holly's version here.

Sewsewsuckurtoe's offering Mommy and Baby Matryoshka set's. The "baby" fits in the mommy's pouch! Available at her etsy shop.

Enna's matryoshka dolls wrapping paper is almost too pretty to use. Wrap your matryoshka gift's in it, frame it for insta-art, cover a book, the options are endless! get some here.

I'm anxiously waiting for the arrival of these Babushka's at Rosehip's new Etsy shop! sign up for the early bird notification on her blog.

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