Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Charley Harper

I just love Charley Harper's illustrations and was thrilled when his toddler board books Charley Harper's A,B,C's and Charley Harper's 1,2,3's came out. What a wonderful way to introduce his art and these most basic concepts to my daughter. There's always a catch though... I first spotted the collection being sold online via Old Navy, only problem old navy does NOT ship internationally but even more annoying is that they won't even except international credit cards, so even if I wanted to ship to relatives in the US that option was out... I then desperately searched ebay and came up with nothing! while I love ebay and for the most part have only had good experiences, I mean I totally rely on it to get my fix of all things North American... the sellers had some of the stuff but the prices were jacked up to almost double retail! and that just made me mad... I'd basically given up on acquiring any of Harper's items, at least for the time being.

But then our luck changed! As it's summer A.K.A. Wedding season here in Israel we've already been busy attending weddings. My husband's cousin got married two weeks ago and we had some relatives from the U.K. fly in for the occasion and a visit. They had the opportunity to meet our daughter for the first time and were kind enough to leave her a little MAD Money before their departure. Books are always well received in our home so I thought I'd flip through my Book Depository wish list and see if we can get some new titles. I'm not entirely sure how I stumbled on to it but low and behold they sell Charley Harper! they've got both books that I covet and the Charley Harper peg puzzle!! oh happy day! it never cease to amaze dear hubby the things that make me giddy... go figure?!

Anyway The Book Depository carries an entire line of Charley Harper products complete with their amazing worldwide free shipping! what glee! they have the memory game and the most awesome set of Harper illustrated wooden blocks that have got me swooning.... unfortunately these are not currently in stock but I'm on a waiting list for when they are, and you bet I'll be their first customer! for now the books and puzzle will have to tame the beast...

*Warning* Mommy gloating ahead! As a side note my toddler took up painting this week and even learned to say "Artist" which she articulated perfectly so it seems very apropos to start her Art education with examples by such a great American Artist...

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