Thursday, June 4, 2009

Etsy treasure spotlight - Kooky Dolls

I first stumbled on to Lola bee's shop while decorating my daughters nursery. I wanted her to have soft cloth dolls not necessarily linked to "proper" anatomy and was immediately attracted to the bright, colourful and quirky, Kooky Dolls. It took me awhile to decide on the kooky doll of choice, honestly I wanted at least two! I still have hopes of owning another mini Kooky to go along with our Colleen...

Colleen the Kooky

Colleen the Kooky looking cozy on our "Etsy" chair...

We eventually chose Colleen the Kooky in a lovely pink and red floral pattern with red Swiss polka dotted legs. My Daughter has been fascinated by Polka dots practically from birth so that was a no brainer. Colleen was such a lovely addition to our nursery and I was so impressed with the quality and craftsmanship that I ordered an Emma the Kooky for a friends daughter as well.

Emma the Kooky

Kooky dolls are the brainchild of artist Val Rousseau and are available in the most delicious fabrics and stuffed with Eco friendly corn based fiberfill. Unlike many doll creators your little boy won't be neglected, Kooky dolls cater to both kooky girls and kooky boys and come in full size as well as mini and as a major plus Kooky dolls are available in 3 different skin tones.

Hurry and you might catch super Kooky while he's on sale!

Val is in the process of phasing over to her new shop Kooky Dolls where you can purchase from a wide range of dolls, and DIY patterns. If you're looking for a sweet little gift for your own little precious or need a gift for another special little person you can't go wrong with a kooky doll, they're irresistibly sweet while being toted along by the "ear"!

Pirate Kooky aarr...

Mini Zoe Kooky


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