Sunday, February 21, 2010

And then we were Four!

I'm thrilled to announce the arrival of my precious daughter Princess M! born on Thursday January 21st. Bouncing baby girl, daughter to myself and dear Hubby and a little sister for Princess L! It's been a month and I'm feeling great! Little one has me enamored and I love our little family of four! Four is perfection! I absolutely love saying "My Girls" or "the Girls"! I wouldn't want it any other way! nevermind that I've always had a thing for symmetry and even numbers...

Four also brings along it's fair share of sleepless nights, lots of juggling and mountains 'o mountains of laundry! amongst the hubble and bubble of family life I have rare moments of quiet to myself, besides cozying up with a good mug of java or indulging in a long hot shower my preferred means of escapism is reading my favorite design and parenting blogs. I read ohdeedoh and apartmenttherapy religiously and check in for any new stuff on Babble daily, there's nothing like a little eye candy! unfortunately all this eye candy either sends me on wild goose chases tracking down "stuff" I just have to have for the kiddos or ends up on my ever growing list of wants. Blogs also seem to have a way of leading you into a black hole as I jump from one to the next bookmarking and "favoriting" away... there are so many talented and inspirational individuals out there that my list of projects and DIY'S I'd like to try keeps getting longer too.

It's really difficult trying to organize and keep track of all my links and favorites and sometimes after seeing an image somewhere I'll spend a frustrating hour of more just trying to track it down again! If you have any suggestions on setting up an organized and user friendly system for filing I'm all ears...

Some days when all is under control I pat myself on the back and think heck you're a domestic goddess other days I stare at the pile of dishes in the sink and the smudges on the white floor (yes very impractical...not my choice it's a rental...) and tunnel vision starts to set in... it's probably too early to tell as were just a month in but life with two in tow will no doubt be a learning experience with some strategic tactical planning and a bit of flying by the seat of my pants but I'm excited by the process and hope you'll tag along for the ride.

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