Sunday, February 21, 2010

P is for.....Push Presents

As you already know I recently gave birth to my second darling little girl. After a tiring and challenging pregnancy, this time with a toddler in tow some days I felt like it would never end while other days I silently and sometimes not so silently asked myself what the heck I'd gotten myself into. All the while dear hubby did his best to be supportive and understanding and most importantly helpful. I've joked before that while holding my hand during labour or massaging my back, watching me get poked and prodded and with tears streaming down my face that he's no doubt playing a track over and over in his head.... a track that goes like this "thank God it's not me! thank God it not me! thank heaven it's not me!" After all that we go through to bring a child into this world it's nice to receive a little appreciation! So as you can imagine I'm an eager advocate of push presents!

I think it's funny that push presents have gotten so much press and hype about them in recent years. In my circles it's pretty standard... my father purchased little tokens of appreciation in the form of jewelery for my mother after the birth of each child and it's a pretty common practice in Jewish society and especially here in Israel. Actually truth be told, local custom dictates any holiday, birthday, you "fill in the blank" as a good occasion to buy ones wife some baubles here... but that's material for a whole other post. Now don't get me wrong I'm not advocating the pretentious notion of demanding such a gift, that would be down right tacky! put I wasn't entirely surprised to be presented with one either. Most women/mothers I know have received some sort of jewellery for the occasion of birthing a child and it needn't be ostantatious or have you refinancing your mortgage either.

For the occasion of my older daughters birth Dear hubby bought me an eternity ring. He knew I'd wanted one for some time now to wear beside my wedding band, and the symbolism of the ring, worn beside the one solidifying our marriage seemed fitting, even more so as we became a family of 3. I must disclose that I don't generally lust jewelery or collect it, outside of my rings I own just a few simple pieces I like to wear on special occasions. Having two daughters though I especially like the idea of jewelery as I've decided that we should present them with the present I received in their honour somewhere down the road.. maybe when they themselves become mommies... we've got time to decide being that they are just 28 months and two months... (and yes I know it's weird that I'm already thinking about them all grown up and being a grandmother....but heck I'm weird like that...and the thought definitely wouldn't surprise any of my friends!).

Last week while doing some blog hopping. late one night I stumbled upon The Vintage Pearl and what can I say I swooned with delight! these have got to be the perfect gift! unique. handmade, hand stamped, personalized keepsakes you can wear proudly. These lovelies can be personalized with your children's names, initials, and birthstones in several fonts and finishes and with their signature little pearl. Needless to say I want one!! any one! I really like the mama bird with her two pearls and I almost fell out of my chair because one of the examples could have been made for me! with very affordable pricing and worldwide delivery I'll be hinting to dear hubby that these are just the thing! go ahead and leave this open for your other half to see... you know you want one too!

so simple and sweet!

loves it!

for the whole clan....

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