Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Newest editions to my Library

I've mentioned before my love of design books and especially of late, children's design. While so many retailers and show rooms continue to show pastels, circus, and baby animal themed nurseries or children's spaces... let me not forget dreaded primary colours and plastic! It's very refreshing to see sophisticated, fun, lived in and organic spaces for children. As you probably already know last year saw the fold of two of my favorite magazines, Cookie and Domino. It's tragic really as they housed a major source of inspiration for me. Luckily there are still many other sources for great design for children. Like milk mag and Jeu de paumes.

To temporarily satisfy my demand for kiddie room eye candy, I recently purchased some new titles to add to my collection. I've blogged before about Milk magazine and I especially love their Deco spreads. You needn't speak french to appreciate their inspiring images. Not quite sure how I missed this but they apparently produce a special interiors inspiration edition once yearly. I'm still kicking myself for missing the first two (sadly out of stock everywhere...) but at least I've got the third! I purchased my copy here. This is really more like a book and it's full of gorgeous and eclectic family spaces from around the world.

I also purchased the missing Jeu de Paumes Children's titles to complete my set, Children's rooms London and Children's rooms Stockholm. As usual these spaces are ever inspiring, I notice new details in their delectable photos every time I flip through them!

Children's rooms London

Children's rooms Stockholm

Milk Deco No3

Seems the more I get the more I want! but alas ces't la vie! non?

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