Sunday, March 8, 2009

Israeli Design fest

I've been bookmarking great baby and children s design websites for quite awhile now and can say that I've got it down to a fine art. All of my links are categorized and I can boast to owning probably the most extensive and inclusive lists of worthwhile IMHO children and baby websites. With friends I casually joke of having a doctorate in baby, name a product and I can tell you where to find it, what colours it comes in, who and where the designer/company is from, and sometimes even how to score the coveted item minus a few bucks! The fact that Israeli designers have tons to offer in the children and baby design department is old news to me, but I'm glad to see that they're charm and potential are beginning to gain recognition worldwide. Israeli designed and made toys, apparel, room decor, and furniture have been featured recently on some of my favorite sites like ohdeedoh and decor 8. I've been meaning to showcase some of our favorite products for quite sometime so here goes...

Introducing the Shibaba, rhyming with the hebrew feel good catchall Sababa this bath seat is just that! This product has transformed bathtime for us. Made by Israeli company Pomfitis the Shibaba is made of and filled with foam beads and is sewn from bathing suit like material, just hang to air dry. Great for swishing and swooshing across the tub, reclining on for shampoo rinses, The Shibaba floats slightly but like all other bath devices is not intended as a floatation device and please don't leave a child unsupervised, ever.

What do you get when you combine nostalgic "Once upon a time" handcrafted wooden toys with a great cause? Pastel toys of course! Pastel toys produce a wide range of developmental wooden toys and room decor for children, using natural materials and the handy work of mentally challenged and handicapped adults. Pastel toys are recognizable by their pastel colour range and the slightly distressed finish of their toys. We have two sets of wooden building blocks and hope to expand or collection to include pull/push toys and other goodies! I think Pastel toys are excellent value for money and are a great long term investment.

Vinyl Wall decals and stickers have taken the world by storm! They are a great way to instantly brighten up a wall or furniture, and because they're easily removed they work for renters as well. I love them for childrens spaces. Studio Luka are responsible for these great designs.

Can you tell I've got a thing for Babushkas?
I almost got these for our nursery....

Manuella products have been popping up all over the web lately. We love Designer Merav Flams soft huggable designs. Manuella recently came out with some new softies; like the Zebra, Horse or mouse. Our personal favorites are her child size pouf and and the lovely Daschund extra long and extremely versatile jersey pillow.

The Bibs are also Manuella...

Love these dogs!

Artlook is home to a great selection of fabulous Israeli designed homeware, giftware, baby and childrens products and quirky home decor. They feature all of the products I mentioned and so much more! take a peek! they'll ship anywhere!

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