Thursday, March 12, 2009

After all my complaining about having to take mandatory french class in grade school (blame Canada!) I actually signed up for a year long course in University. My thoughts were set on traveling the countries flea markets in search of desirable treasures from days gone past... then came reality and motherhood, and my coveted trip has been postponed until the unknown... To stay in touch with my inner french chic I subscribe to the newsletter.

I wouldn't describe as just cute.... they are tres tres chic! they design accessories for children's rooms with that oh so hard to achieve french non chalant attitude! as in I just threw these pillows and toys in an old vintage cupboard and voila! instant chic! I'm definitely jealous of anyone who has gilded mirrors and Louis whatever chairs passed down to them... Anyway my grasp of French is being put to good use as the site caters to Francophones (or Francophiles...) only. They'll ship anywhere but as we're talking euros things are pricey..... but one or two "splurge" items can make the room... Or just draw inspiration from their eclectic styling!

It's fun to see a great girls room with grey walls and calming purple tones... Love the hanging bird mobile, I made something similar with hearts for my own daughters room...

I decided not to neglect the boys this time.... If I had a son I'd love a room like this for him.... not too babyish... and could easily morph into a young mans room.

Love the bold colours mixed with the neutral backdrop... that little bed looks so cozy! Love the paper lanterns and the bedside decor at childs eye level!

Silhouettes are all over the place right now and these could easily be replicated in sturdy cardboard or for the jackson savvy.... mdf or wood.

How cool are chalkboard walls?! I've yet to try one out in my own space... mainly because we're still renting but how fun! I'd probably put mine in the playroom though...

I love the mature colour palette of this masculine/gender neutral nursery. It could work really well even if your "nursery" is just a corner of your master bedroom...

I couldn't not include this princess room, if I were a princess my room would look like this! none of that pink and purple frou frou stuff.... just vintage linen, lace and loads of nostalgic ephemera!


  1. is that a baby sitting on top of a crib edge? with no parent to keep them from clearly falling over? :) LOL. love the chalkboard wall also, have thought of covering our daughters wall with bulletin board.

  2. I believe it's a doll... either way the floors cushioned... :*)


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