Friday, March 27, 2009

Baby? will travel!

It's no secret that I love baby/toddler/kid gear.... walking into any of my favorite boutiques... no need for hard sell... most of the time I've bought it even before I stepped in! and matter of factly let them know that I'd like this or that.... sometimes this AND that...

A couple months ago I decided it was time to invest in a travel highchair, our daughter is getting a better handle at feeding herself and the need for a place for her to eat comfortably while visiting grandparents, friends or dining out (the thought of a restaurant high chair makes me shudder!) was pressing... as it's nice to eat with your lap and both hands to yourself.. at least intermittently!

Beaba traveling booster

I already knew what it was I wanted... I really like the idea of an inflatable seat as sometimes we're just walking over and I wanted to be able to carry it or stash it in the stroller basket easily. I had my heart set on the Beaba traveling booster seat and called my go to stores only to find out, to my dismay! that my colour of choice wasn't in stock! how dare they! I really wanted the gray/blue as we're trying to make bigger investments gender neutral for the sake of future offspring... not that I'm really into pink everything anyway... but everywhere I called only had the pink version... as we had a series of outings that would really make the seat worthwhile... I didn't want to postpone getting one until it would or wouldn't be in stock.. one of the shop owners mentioned another similar product she thought was even better so off we went to check it out!


And boy am I glad we did! I introduce to you the Hoppop! it's a travel booster and a diaper bag in one! ingenious award winning design! when placed on it's back you just unzip the front pocket and snap it around a chair and it converts into a booster seat complete with three point harness! I love that it has just enough pockets to tote a change of clothes, some diapees and wipees and our feeding gear... even room for my pocketbook, cellphone, and some toiletries! The bag even comes equipped with a change pad and the adjustable strap fits over our stroller handles with ease. The Hoppop original comes in 7 different patterns and colours, we got the Latte Macchiato which is neutral enough for Daddy to tote around without griping! Hoppop is a brand worth watching, they have a whole line of impressive and innovative baby and toddler gear.

Hoppop original in R&B

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