Thursday, February 5, 2009

Itchy fingers, can't stop that feeling!

The past couple months have found me quite busy with school and everyday family life. Nonetheless I've had many often unsuppressable urges to craft, sew, diy, u-name-it! I don't know how other crafters are but I'm not known for my patience... maybe it's being an eighties child and growing up in the fast commercial paced age of more, more, more and faster, faster, faster! anyway when I get my mind set on a project of any kind I really like to accomplish it within a couple hours, maximum a day! I can't think of anything more frustraing then getting all geared up to start something only to find your missing some special glue, paint, tool, etc... Projects that require long drawn out steps are not for me and I generally adapt such type projects by ommitting some (in my opinion) unnecessary steps. Over the next couple of weeks I'll be highlighting some of my favorite recent projects such as a flag bunting, baby minky blanket, a wooden crate come kiddie bookshelf, a house pillow and other goodies so stay tuned!

A while ago while trying to clean up the front yard of our newly rented home I found an old corkboard leaning by the fence in a corner. My first instinct was to chuck it with the other heap of not so lovely debris left by previous tenants when the craftster in me took over and screamed I could DO something with THAT! and thought why not make one of those nifty fabric covered cork boards.

This is what it looked like before, ready for the dump... had some mildewy spots from being outdoors for so long, so i sanded it down a bit, a cleaned it as best I could.

Next I spray painted the frame with two coats of bronze spray paint I had lying around the house and put down some double sided tape (I LOVE that stuff!) to help secure the fabric. I cut the fabric, wallflower in grey by Amy Butler (one of my all time favs!) about a centimeter larger than the cork itself and gently pushed it under the frame with a flat metal ruler, very low tech...

And voila! the finished product! I love it! It now proudly hangs above my trusty old singer bringing light, colour, and inspiration to my zone. Since I was already in the "mood" I couldn't help myself and made some Button-Tacs from some vintage buttons glue gunned to some thumbtacs.

And I couldn't be happier with the results! Have been on the lookout for more boards ever since...

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