Sunday, February 8, 2009

Recession, the mother of all invention?

It's no news that we're facing some rough times in economies the world over and there has been a lot of talk about how the design community will adjust itself. In recent years designers have lost sight of the functionality of design and have embraced excess and extravagance with open arms. The world has changed though and it's time for designers to align themselves. We must put our egos aside and start thinking about responsible, functional, environmentally friendly, and affordable Design within reach (pun intended) , that is within the reach of you and me. Do we really need sofa's that cost $15,000? Some tough questions are in order, what can we live without? How will this choice affect the environment? What are the alternatives? Is this socially responsible? If your reading this blog you're probably a parent, I can't help but think what the world will be like when our children grow up and how it's our responsibility to do now whatever we can to ensure a safe, healthy, and stable future for them.

Mies van der Rohe and his peers were some of the greatest visionaries of the modern era, designing for the every-man. Form Follows function, Less is more go their mantras. There is a lot to be learned and reborn, how can we use cutting edge technology, recycled materials, no frills design, and local talent to design what we need. Tough times and cutbacks don't necessarily spell depressing design... It specifically at times like these that innovation and pure genius are born, it's time to get those old thinking caps working, lets step outside of the box and address what needs reworking, what could be revisited and what has been overseen?

I'm excited to see what other designers will come up with! and I'm no exception necessity has got me asking myself what I can forgo and what I can make myself. Now more than ever I walk around with one eye on anything that might boast some curbside appeal, just yesterday I found a old wooden doll cradle that had seen better days and I'm very excited to breathe some new life into something that would have otherwise made it's way to a landfill... Can't wait to delight my little toddler with the finished product.

What about you? has your design aesthetic or philosophy evolved since the onset of the recession?

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