Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Crocodile Creek

It's a known thing that kids love balls and my daughter is no exception. I don't know if there is another toy out there that can inspire such longstanding creative play and invoke such primeval emotions if perhaps ownership should become comprised. Try explaining to a 17 month old that other kids at the park are allowed to own balls and gasp! kick, roll and play with them too... but a ball is just a ball right?

Wrong!! at Crocodile Creek a ball is an opportunity to learn. Crocodile creek is a great company combining beautiful quality educational toys and accessories for kids. Their playground balls available in two sizes 5" and 7" are decorated in a wide range of themes like horses, farm animals, dinosaurs etc. Not only do the balls have Crocodile creeks instantly recognizable illustrations but they have the animals names written beneath them as well. My daughter is obsessed with Old Macdonald (she's got us singing and neighing until we're horse, pun intended!) and their playground ball with the farm animals and their corresponding sounds is just perfect! She loves pointing to the animals and shouting out their names.

I love the sturdy rubber, the cute illustrations and mainly the fact that they've taken what would ordinarily be just something to kick around to a whole new level.

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