Sunday, April 5, 2009

Just bag it!

I've got a real thing for shoes and bags... and it's no wonder that they're high on the most covetable lists of many women... having a bad day? there's nothing like a little retail therapy.... when you aren't feeling so hot? probably not the best time to shop for lets say a bathing suit or dress... but shoes? or a bag? it's almost impossible to NOT find one that fits!! and who schleps around more stuff everyday if not us mommies.... try schlepping our own female gear... make up, cell phone, lap top, keys, tissues, band aids, a book or magazine, water bottle, a snack, gum, tooth brush and paste (you never know...) nail polish, deodorant, lip gloss, compact, tweezers, emery board, mirror, brush, pen, notebook... never mind babe's diapees, wipees, change of clothes, bottle, paci or two..., blanket, burp cloth, toys, hat, etc. etc...

So needless to say choosing a diaper bag is serious business! but as a mommy who's also intrinsically concerned of appearances it'd had better look good on top of functionality! it really is an expression of me! There are many diaper bags that caught my eye but many brands fell short... too small, too big, too little wear/hang options, not enough pockets, horrible patterns...., nightmare to clean fabrics! too cheapy looking or too totally out of my price range....sigh! on top of it all I debated over whether it should match things I normally wear... like there is such a thing going from plus 13 kg to hopefully loosing it all or being stuck somewhere in between! or matching our stroller... a Quinny Buzz I fell madly in love with BECAUSE of it's gorgeous cerulean shade.

A couple brands made it to the finish line the majority of them are Israeli. While geographically more convenient, they made it by pure virtue and nothing but! Let's start with Minene... This brand caught me off guard, late in pregnancy when I thought I was sure of what I wanted (at least on that particular day....) this is the chameleon of all diaper bags, boasting 4 bags in one! The bag breaks down into four separate bags that can be used all together or individually; backpack, messenger bag, satchel and a clutch! with ever convenient loops to hang on a stroller (single bar, or two handled...) this bag is totally versatile. Add or subtract the different bags depending on your needs and go!

Ella Ma is another great Israeli company with a whole range of different diaper bags style to suit all of your evolving needs. Classic tote bag, Daddy Cool bag, smart looking hand bag... for those more adept at packing light or when your outing calls for looking polished without your ENTIRE house in tow.. and the Prima backpack, which had me most interested.

Petunia Picklebottom's very chic, quite expensive touring tote is fab!.... throw in a couple celebrity sporting mama's and this brand went through the roof. I love the brocade and jacquard fabrics and I'm sure it's nice to tote around something so posh, know one would ever guess it's stock full with diapees and tushie cream! I eventually gave up on the idea though, thinking it would be a little over the top while I'm dressed in jeans and a tee...

Aussie brand oioi had me swooning with their vast selection, pick a bag style, any bag style and they've got it! complete with special bottle pockets... they've introduced many new fabrics since I first began my search and the kiwi floral' got me thinking maybe I could use just one more...

In the end I decided to go with a Gitta Bags and I couldn't be happier. It fits the bill on all counts. We got the 108 model in the pattern below. It comes with a separate bottle insulator, change pad, alternative handle bar straps, mesh dirty laundry bag, and a formula container pouch. In addition it's got two insulated bottle pockets, ample inner pockets and separations, an exterior key fob and cellphone pocket. It can be worn as a tote or a backpack and it's also got a carrying handle. The pattern isn't as conservative as what I'd normally choose as a handbag but It looks great with our stroller and heck it just feels fun! Best of all it's got tons of room which was perfect for my inaablilty to pack light even if we were just going down the street!

All in all I actually ended up with five, gasp! different diaper bags... hope hubby isn't reading this not sure that he's up to date on our full inventory.... while I was pregnant I bought an O.R.E. Originals sugar booger diaper bag, couldn't resist the extremely low sale price of $11. It's not the best but it's waterproof so we use it for going to the pool/beach, and the pouch insert is stocked with the basics that we keep in the car. I received a navy blue Campaniola bag as a gift.. (generally used as our overnight bag), My official diaper bag is of course my Gitta which I adore! A tokidoki for Le sportsac tote (not designated as a diaper bag...) I got to match our lighter umbrella stroller... and most recently the Hoppop. So much for a bag for all occasions!

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