Friday, April 10, 2009

Sweets for MY baby

I hate shopping! well actually that's not entirely accurate I hate grocery shopping! If it was up to me I'd never have to step foot in a grocery store ever again! But until the day when reliable, fresh home deliveries are widely available or we can afford for someone to stock our fridge and pantry for us... I'm going to have to do it myself.

*WARNING* Full Disclosure ahead! I'm quite a germ-a-phob borderline OCD and the thought of all the germs lurking on the shopping cart handlebars makes me sick to my stomach.... you bet I had no intention of letting my little one sit in one without ample protection! So as far as I'm concerned blessed be the person that invented shopping cart covers! hallelujah! amen! you've answered my prayers.

A friend tipped me on to the idea and I knew that would be my way to go. There are several well known brands that make various covers, unfortunately... well known also means, generic, made in china... don't get me started... never mind that they didn't offer full coverage... wings? anyone? and with my already flourishing lust for handmade products, Etsy was a no brainer.

Now that's were the choosing gets tough. Search shopping cart cover on Etsy and you'll get several hundred hits. I won't disclose how many hours I devoted to narrowing down the covers I thought were the most well made, coushie, functional, safe (many include seat belts) value for money and of course the best looking!

Once I stumbled on to Sweetsformybaby's shop it was gameover. Superb craftsmanship, great fabrics, reversible, plenty of coushie padding, pocket and coordinating pillow, in case babes falls asleep... toy loop, adjustable seat belt, cart securing clip, generously proportioned, These covers have got it all!

I chose this green floral swirl/brown floral combo once again with gender neutrality in mind, plus I find the combination really pleasing to the eye.

Our cart cover is a show stopper, I'm constantly being asked about it and where it's from. Hoping to start a trend of more germ conscious parenting in our parts... if I can save one child from the nasty stuff, Dayenu!

My daughter loves this cover and so do I. It makes grocery shopping just a little more bearable...

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