Monday, April 20, 2009


On the occasion of our daughters birth we received many fantastic and thoughtful gifts. While we appreciate all of them there are some that will withstand the test of time and will forever be cherished. Gabin the zebra is that gift. Gabin the zebra is an adorable little knit character from the Grannimals wooly family collection by Latitude Enfant. The Grannimals are made to mimic the lovingly handmade toys and dolls our doting grandmothers of yesteryear would knit for us. I had such a bunny knitted for me and a knit hobo that I still cherish today and is proudly displayed in my own daughters nursery. These knit cuties are charming with a more modern flare.

Each Grannimal comes ready for gift giving wrapped in it's own display "shoe" box, it was so nice I seriously thought of leaving him in the box. I can definitely see these being collected and hoarded for years in someones closet... I still fantasize about one day owning the whole mint condition collection in their boxes myself! For now though Gabin is for cuddling, playing and whatever else my toddler decides to throw his way, so long as he makes his way back to his display spot every night!

I did mention that I love the Grannimals right? now on the back of every box is a picture of all the other adorable Grannimals available in the collection While I'm generally not a sucker for this kind of "collect them all" type of advertising I really couldn't help myself with this one and I seriously would have bought them all but reality and a budget kicked in... so just two more! It's amazing what you can get away with postpartum...

We added Mona the cow and Hugo the Hedgehog my personal fave to the mix..

Latitude enfant has several different lines of sweet cuddly puppets, toys and doudous (dolls for the anglos...) for children and babes alike. They've definitely got my two thumbs up for design and craftsmanship, I dare you to resist their charm!

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