Thursday, May 28, 2009

Etsy treasure spotlight

Introducing the Etsy treasure spotlight! I hope this will become at least a weekly segment of Design Momma. I currently have about 20 pages of favorite stores in my Etsy favorites and the list keeps growing! So many awesome creators and so many more mind blowing creations! Unfortunately I probably won't ever own ALL of the products I covet so I thought why not share my favorite finds with my readers, if not me then someone else should definitely own these awesome finds.

This etsy shop is one of my oldest favorites and one of the dearest. E.soule is an amazing shop specializing in the coolest little animal art you'll ever see. The images are available on 5x5 wooden boxes or as prints. Personally I prefer the little wooden boxes that can be hung or placed for display on a shelf. Animal imagery is an age old staple in the nursery and quite fittingly so kids love animals! I'd be happy to own any of these images for anywhere in my home. The art is sweet yet their realization is modern and sophisticated. I love the unique P.O.V. Elizabeth offers us through the lens of her Polaroid camera. This shop boasts hundreds of purchases so clearly I'm not alone in my awe of Elizabeth's art. These images are from her Little Zoo collection, be sure to check out the other collections spanning sea life to flowers.

Once again this amazing art is available at e.soule's etsy shop. Do let me know if you get one! Elizabeth also has her own website check it out here.

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