Sunday, May 17, 2009


I've blogged before about my admiration of french chic, and I really enjoy the french perspective on childhood and parenting. Thus I present to you MILK Magazine, Milk is a french lifestyle magazine for modern parents. Besides for being full of the latest trends in roomwears, design and fashion, it interviews many designers and reviews their products as well as must haves for the home, recipes and travel destinations.

One of my favorite sections is their "LOOK DU RUE" the magazines street style spread. Talk about chic! I'd hire some of these kids to put MY outfits together!

Love this casual look and bandana...

Is this what Curt Cobain looked like in his youth?

This little one has future fashion icon written all over her...

Talk about runway ready...

Gotta love those glam eighties!

Kids have sure come along way in choosing their own clothing and expressive style.... geez and I thought I was opinionated! be sure to check it out, if not to steal some looks for your own budding Fashionista... than to get some style cues for yourself!

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