Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Mothers day!

Hey Mommies! Happy Mothers Day!

After all we mothers go through and endure and sacrifice albeit lovingly for our dear little mini's I really think we ought to be celebrated and appreciated year round.... but we take what we can get right?

For all of you first timers, welcome to the realm, if you haven't already figured it out motherhood is the most exciting journey you'll ever embark on. Last year was my first Mothers day and I look forward to enjoying many many more. This time last year Mothers day was a blur in a seemingly endless routine of never ending diaper changes and attached by the boob feedings. Everyday had it's rewards though, that first smile of recognition.... (way to reduce a grown woman to tearful babbling!) and not too long after the first ma ma! I will cherish that memory forever! This year is especially sweet as my toddler can say mommy clearly or her preferred version Mimi... and lavishes me with surprise hugs and kisses when I least expect it!

Last year I received a heartfelt message received on an Alternate Greetings card and it still brings a smile to my face! feel free to leave this open and in Daddy's view!

Alternate Greetings has a whole line of witty alternative greeting cards, while you're at it check out the Fathers day cards for your very own babe magnet in a Bjorn!

Have a fantastic day!

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