Sunday, May 24, 2009

A Green Lullabye

The world of children's furnishings is such a fun and exciting place, everything looks better in mini! Kids are constantly growing though and furniture that's perfect right now may not fit the bill in a year or two. Some heirloom pieces are of course worth saving but for the majority of us space is of the essence and the reality is that you simply cannot hold on to everything! It's always a good idea to pass on well loved but no longer needed items to friends and family or those less fortunate, but still many items find their way into landfills.

Green Lullaby is an Israeli earth conscious Eco friendly company with an answer to some of the above dilemmas. Green Lullaby designs recyclable environmentally friendly furniture, storage and play items made of cardboard! The designs are easy to assemble or store. Constructed from cardboard the products are light weight yet durable and the designs are modern and unique. Green Lullaby products are available for purchase in Israel via Artlook (they also ship internationally) as well as at baby and children's boutiques throughout the country. A list of stores worldwide is available on their site. Pricing is very affordable so indulging in more than one piece is guilt free, easy on the pocket easy on our earth... that's a winning package right there!

Benz bench and table

My personal favorites the Multi box storage/seating set.

Eco cradle

My green doll house

Benz kiddie bench

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